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Our services are backed by a promise of Quality, Service, and Pride in all our work!



Just like your car or home systems, your landscaping needs regular maintenance as well. Well-kept landscape beds and plants contribute to the continued good health of your plants and add to the curb appeal of your home. Lodder Landscaping hand edges landscape beds, providing a crisp, deep cut that helps keep your lawn out of your landscape beds. We use a variety of mulches, depending on customer preference, including double-processed hardwood, black hardwood and pine bark. Annual spring maintenance is easy with Lodder Landscaping's yearly reminder service to schedule your needed work. We also offer a semi-annual maintenance service and fall clean-up.

Installation and Design

Have you ever looked at the front of your house and wondered why it just doesn't seem to “pop” and you feel like your shrubbery is overtaking the yard? Just as you update your look with a new haircut or outfit, your landscaping also needs occasional improvement. Whether a new landscape or updating an older one, Lodder Landscaping can help you design a layout that meets your needs. We try to follow your ideas but also use our knowledge in landscape plant material to make sure the installed plants thrive in our climate and don't require excessive maintenance on your part. We take pride in providing landscapes that you will love not only today but 10 years from now. We provide a one-year guarantee on all new plant material.

“…John was essential in both the design of the landscape and its meticulous maintenance.” 
Melissa Parsons

Brick Pavers & Stone Walls

Outdoor Living Spaces

Gain extra space for entertaining by effectively utilizing your outdoors. Installing outdoor living environments not only increases the square footage of your entertaining space but also increases the value of your home. Lodder Landscaping can help transform your outdoor area with paver patios, fire pits, seating walls and scenic ponds. We can help you plan your space and ensure that your investment meets your needs. Whether you need a small private space to entertain family or large areas to host the neighborhood, we can design the right outdoor living area for you. On all of our new paver installations we offer a lifetime guarantee.

“John's creativity, vision and abilities have helped to transform our property to show place status."
Tom and Laura Meers

"Hardscaping" - Walls, Walks, Dividers

Retaining landscaping beds may not only be a structural problem but also an aesthetic one as well, and just as a paint color looks great at the store it may not at home. We take the time to work with you on what type of retention you need, from natural stone, wood or man-made block or maybe it just needs a proper grade and some accent boulders. We are there for you and will not push you on a product just to “make a buck.” Whether functional or decorative, Lodder Landscaping can install beauty in your landscape stone by stone. We specialize in natural stone walls, from cut stone to slab stone, but can also install man-made wall systems, such as decorative block, or landscape timbers.

“…I had John replace a landscape wall, made of wooden timbers that were rotting, with stone. I am so pleased with the appearance of the walls, the price, the professionalism of Lodder Landscaping.”
Cindy Briggs

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